Bubbles without Borders

Bubbles are magical. Their surprising shapes and colors captivate and enchant us. GIANT bubbles only enlarge this magical effect! Bubbles without Borders spread wonder and fun by letting people make hudge bubbles themselves. Because of the special bubble juice it is possible to make GIANT bubbles that softly float on the wind high up in the air.

Bubbles without Borders has the dream to grow into a non-profit, bringing enchantment to children (and their parents) abroad that could use some magic in their lives. Bubbles show that magic might exist.... End 2016 Lilith will leave for Tanzania and share the bubble-magic with the children there. Keep an eye on the facebookpage and the website to follow her! 

Making GIANT bubbles yourself? Go to the webshop to order bubblejuice concentrate and you can make your own bubbles soon!

Do you want to know more first? Read all about how to make bubbles.

Do you want us on your event or festival? Read about the possibilities and contact us. 

Order Bubbles

Take a look in the webshop and order the ingreidents to make your own giant bubbles (even 2 year olds can do it!). There is bubble powder; just add water and dish soap and off you go. Or would you rather go for a special event set? 

Tips and Tricks

Read tips on how to prepare your bubblejuice and how to use your bubblewand. Read how to make your own bubblewand. With these tips it is super easy!


An extended description of different games to play. Making small bubbles in big bubbles, making bubbles with your hands, making bubble snakes, etc, etc!

Bubbles at your event

A performance with bubbles? Bubble activities at your opening, party, ...? Read more about the possibilities.


Event calendar Netherlands

You can join us in the bubble-fun at several occasions. Check the calendar! 


Our projects (abroad)

All the information on the projects of Bubbles Without Borders abroad.